One provider for all three areas

Our solution is flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of any learning environment.


Curated content from some of the most credible libraries and OERs available


An intuitive dashboard embedded with personalized learning components and built-in analytics to track performance


Quizzes, flashcards, challenges, and study guides to master and retain information

A robust platform for open education

OERs are the future of education. Our AI driven engine curates them automatically, allowing for instant access to dynamic assessment tools that communities can be built around.

Quick & Easy

Simply input what you want to learn and watch high-quality resources become usable content.


We've got you covered

By simply bolding key terms in our collaborative text editor or typing them in a term set, your study tools are ready to go.


Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, image, and true/false questions, all at your disposal


Learn better with others? Go head-to-head against peers or classmates on the topics you want to learn.


Your tried-and-true flashcards are ready for you before you even start studying.

Study Guide

Our study guides give you access to summaries, definitions, articles, videos, and additional information on both your core topics and even related topics!


Ready to experience the next generation of content creation?

The founders behind TriviaNote truly understand the pain points of today’s learning ecosystem and have built the first smart study platform to address them.

Eamon Gallagher
Program Director, ic@3401

TriviaNote is the most innovative way to collaboratively study based on personal learning and accessible content.

Bobbi Kurshan
Penn GSE

TriviaNote is doing what the big companies have missed: They’ve truly simplified assessment creation without charging an arm and a leg.

Liz Weir
EdTech Consultant

The People

Paul Santolla CEO

Paul wears the hats of a leader and a skilled software engineer with experience building and growing both teams and products. His strengths lie in problem solving, education, and strategy - the foundation of a company solving problems in education in innovative ways.

Evan Megill COO

Evan is a veteran business professional who has honed his interpersonal, communication, and financial skills through his experiences in the financial industry. His most recent position was with PricewaterhouseCoopers where he did consulting for their risk assurance practice.

Josh Fester CTO

Josh is a veteran full-stack software engineer with years of startup experience in chief officer roles. His expert knowledge on how to build high-grade, maintainable, and scalable applications has made it possible to employ TriviaNote’s advanced technologies.

Harvey Hoffman Business Generalist
Austin Connor Financial Strategist
Liz Weir EdTech Consultant
Bobbi Kurshan Penn GSE
Rita Ferrandino Arc Capital
Granetta Blevins Financial Specialist

Our Partners

We're backed by some of the best in education and tech.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find the answer to your question in the following list.

How does TriviaNote work?
The TriviaNote platform is centered around creating quality assessment content, both quick and easy. Users can either create notes with our collaborative text editor and highlight important terms/concepts OR simply type in those keywords into what we call a term set (essentially, a bag of words) and then hit generate. Our advanced algorithm then pulls related information from quality OERs and databases (likely sources you are already using when learning) and curates them automatically into usable assessment tools like quizzes, flashcards, and robust study guides. Whether you're an educator looking to create assignments for a course, a student looking to study a topic, or a vendor looking to elevate their services, our next-gen technology is worth a look for anyone interested in dynamic content creation.
What components are available to my organization?
Our solution is flexible and can be broken out into separate APIs depending on both the needs of your organization and existing infrastructure. TriviaNote can be packaged in the form of a comprehensive platform that includes a library to store created content, a classroom and group environment to collaborative, in-app messaging to communicate, and built-in analytics to track performance; the solution can also be distilled down to just our content building algorithm, the choice is yours!
How do we integrate with your existing systems?
TriviaNote complies with the standard integration protocols of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and utilizes Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compatibility. Through LTI, our integration specialists can easily link with learning management solutions and educational software.
How much does TriviaNote cost?
For all pricing inquiries, please contact us at or request a demo via the website.

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